Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Pop Quiz

It's back to school time for some (not us, of course...we go back September 7th), so in the back-to-school spirit, I thought I would spring a pop quiz on my small readership. Good luck, and may the force be with you:)
1. There is supposed to be a photo here, but it didn't really turn out, so picture this in your mind: kitchen table with three cereal bowls and an opened box of Fruit Loops, floor littered with Fruit Loops - some whole, some crushed - at 8:30 Monday morning. What was the last date that I vacuumed this floor?

A. Sunday evening, after everyone had gone to bed.
B. The last day of school, June 28th.
C. 11:00 Friday morning...I vacuum the same day and time every week.

2. Who was eating breakfast at this table?

A. Pigs
B. People
C. Little People

3. At one time was the floor vacuumed again?

A. It hasn't been. It looks the same.
B. 8:35 a.m Monday
C. It hasn't been yet because I'll vacuum again at 11:00 on Friday morning, just like always.
D. It hasn't been vacuumed, but it looks like it since the dogs cleaned up the Fruit Loops for me.

4. The photo below (ok, again, picture is not that great, so visualize it, please) is a paper chain we made to count down the days until school starts. This is clearly an example of:

A. A mother who has way too much time on her hands.
B. Children who are ready to go back to school and ask on a daily basis how many days until school starts again.
C. A desperate cry for help.

5. The paper chain was made:

A. by the children, all by themselves.
B. me cutting the paper with my paper cutter so that all rings were the same width and length, then the kiddos stapling and labeling the rings.
C. solely by me because I'm such a control freak.
D. same as B, but the fact that the numbering is all wrong is making me completely crazy.

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